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We're no longer taking roast reservations. Visit Palmer's Direct To You Market for all your holiday needs, including all our great Certified Angus Beef® tenderloins, bone-in, and boneless roasts.

Certified Angus Beef® 

Feeds 7-9

The most tender beef roast is lean, succulent and elegant, with mild flavor.

Certified Angus Beef® 
Bone-In Ribeye

Feeds 7-21

Rich in flavor, juiciness and tenderness, with generous marbling throughout.

Certified Angus Beef® Boneless Ribeye

Feeds 5-17

A rib roast without the bones. Rich, beefy flavor; juicy and tender with generous marbling throughout.

Simplify your holiday season.

High quality beef deserves high quality prep.

Our friends at Certified Angus Beef® brand have the tools you need to serve your best holiday dinner.   

[WATCH] How to cook a perfect roast beef

Learning how to make a beef roast, like the famous standing ribeye roast (aka prime rib), is a benefit for your – and your guests’ – taste buds. Roasting begins with a preheated oven and a well-seasoned roast. After that, cooking the perfect hunk of beef depends on your oven and your ability to check desired doneness with an instant-read thermometer. Tent, rest, slice, serve and enjoy are the last steps to roasting perfection.

It's easy to roast perfect.

Roasting a large cut of beef can be intimidating. You have one chance to get it right. The Roast Perfect app is a free tool to help you master roasting in a few, easy steps.

Holiday catering, refined.

Office party? New Year's celebration? Let our catering experts take the stress out of holiday party planning with a truly unique culinary experience.

Holiday Catering Menu

All holiday roasts are prepared to order from hand-selected Certified Angus Beef® product. See our Holiday Catering Menu for details.